Intelligent Weighing and Delivery Solution for Livestock & Agriculture

Seamless Livestock Solutions

Designed for any weighing application, to suit any business seeking to increase the visibility of their data and gain maximum efficiency from operational processes.

Control, Monitor, Improve

Reliable data collection allowing processors to monitor their key performance indicators (KPIs) in real time. 

Industrial Connected Solutions To Manage Supply And Demand With Automated Scales

Information of lifestock weight and location is key for successful Livestock & Agriculture companies.

FeatherLog is a complete solution that automates data acquisition of catching and distribution of live stock products. Designed for poultry and fish industrials, FeatherLog is a Enterprise Grade solution that ease workflows between your company, live stock producers, and customers.


Connected Scale

We offer a flexible and fully scalable weighing and delivery software solution that empowers you to efficiently control, monitor and improve every aspect of your process, from live bird catching up to distribution.


Remote Sites

Designed and constructed to suit a wide diversity of weighing operations and environments. Available 24/7 in remote locations with no network coverage required, and fully digitalised.


Precision Readings

A flexible and accurate weighing scale that is built to last. The Soupèse  FeatherLog scale combines  powerful features into a conveniently small amount of space.


Hosted Solutions

Soupèse FeatherLog is delivered with an Enterprise Resource Planning feature to allow you to track every data with accuracy.


Take control of your value chain with FeatherLog software solutions: maximise yields, throughput and up-time and reduce costs.

Device Control

Scale with Bluetooth connectivity

Order Processing & Planning

Independant data acquisition PDA


An online web portal for multiple parties


Customised solutions from crate loading to delivery

One Scale Across Industries

Cater to multiple business operation models

Automatic Data Processing

Easy setup, user friendly

Increase Productivity

Real time DO processing

Integration Services

Printing functions

Feather Log Solution

Soupese Feather Log is an integrated solution that addresses the challenges of weighing and collected catching data at remote farm locations. It provides poultry integrators a solution to automate data acquisition and transfer it safely to their administration centre.

Crate Loading
Chickens are placed on to connected scale for weight
Weight, gender, total number of chickens
Data collected along with digital signatures
Web Portal To Cloud
Seamless wireless updates from cloud to multiple sites
Back Office
Multi user access to raw data
Delivery Order
On site printing of DO's
Multi customer setup
Drivers load catching trays along with printed delivery order



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